2D Barcodes

Transforming tomorrow​


2D Barcodes are transforming the way we do business​

The next dimension in barcodes is revolutionising the way we do business, carrying substantially more information than a traditional linear barcode and scanning everywhere across the value chain. Delivering new opportunities for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business-to-government connections.​

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APPMA Packaging Design Innovation Award PIDA Save Food Packaging Design of the Year IAwards ​Victoria

Food and Beverage 
Technology Award

"The world has changed and so has the way that we do business. GS1 recognises the changes taking place globally and developed 2DBarcodes to support this change."

Maria Palazzolo
Chief Executive Officer
GS1 Australia
2DBarcodes at Woolworths

2DBarcodes at Woolworths

Woolworths are scanning more than 5 million 2DBarcodes at point-of-sale each week, achieving significant results.
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Woolies tackles sustainability & transparency with 2DBarcodes
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Case Study

Case Study

2D Barcodes have unlocked new capabilities for Woolworths and enabled a variety of efficiencies for the retailer and their suppliers.

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A Global Movement

A Global Movement

2D Barcodes are being adopted by retailers and brand owners throughout the world.

7-Eleven Thailand boosts consumer safety with 2D Barcodes

First Japanese retailer scans 2D at POS

"We're proud to be the first Australian supermarket to invest in this technology and hope it can help us further reduce food waste. 2DBarcodes have immense potential and we're excited to see how they will improve traceability and stock management."

Richard Plunkett
General Manager Business Enablement, Woolworths

2D in Retail Advisory Group

2D in Retail Advisory Group

Join a group of more than 100 key stakeholders and have your say on the implementation of 2D Barcodes in Australian retail.

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2D in Retail Advisory Group Hub

"Stop Food Waste Australia commends GS1 for its innovation and recognises the substantial benefits 2DBarcodes can contribute to reducing food waste across the supply chain and supporting packaging sustainability targets."

Carolyn Cameron
Sector Action Plan Lead
Stop Food Waste Australia