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Barcode Check

Make sure your barcode scans first time, every time with our barcode check service

We check for Country of Origin label (CoOL), scan rate, correct size, position, type of barcode and barcode number duplication. A verification report also provides advice on how to correct errors and improve barcode performance.

Why barcode testing is important

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How to send products in

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Why did my barcode fail?

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Without accurate and scannable barcodes, you can’t sell your products, retailers can’t stock them and customers can’t buy them.


We have tested more than 1.5 million barcodes including compliance to global standards, size, colour, print quality and packaging. 

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    Save time and money – Avoid having to redesign, reprint or recall products

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    Trusted service – ISO 15416 verification used by major retailers

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    Accuracy, safety & traceability – Ensure your barcodes meet retailer requirements

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To learn more about Barcode Check contact us or phone:

Melbourne: +61 3 9550 3464
Sydney: +61 2 9695 2201

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