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A simple easy to use solution for small businesses that need to create logistics labels.

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This tool is available to GS1 Full Members only. If you are an Individual Barcode Number (IBN) Member needing SSCCs, please contact the GS1 Customer Support team or phone 1300 BARCODE.

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What is GS1 Logistics Labelling Tool?

The GS1 Logistics Labelling Tool has been developed for small and micro enterprises to create logistic labels quickly and easily so that trading partners can track and trace products. As it is accessed via a web browser, it has no connection to internal databases.  

More and more companies require their trading partners to use a GS1 logistic label - Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) - GS1-128 to identify products as they move through the supply chain. Labels can be printed on a standard office printer and positioned on logistic units, such as pallets.

Video tutorials on how to generate a Logistics Label

Benefits of the Logistics Labelling Tool

Create accurate labels quickly and efficiently
Our logistics label tool allows you to create your own labels without having to buy additional software or hardware.

Identify products as they move through the supply chain
Creating labels to identify your products will save you time and money.

Allow trading partners to track and trace your product
Your trading partners also benefit from this service as they too are able to know where pallets are at any given point in the supply chain.

Access this tool anywhere and anytime
As this tool does not depend on internal or third party software, and is accessed through a browser, it doesn't matter where you are.

Print labels on a standard office printer
Labels can be printed on your standard home or office printer.

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