Membership Renewals

We have taken your feedback into consideration and developed some FAQs to explain our services and fees regarding your membership renewal for this financial year.

Payment options

What do I get for my GS1 Australia membership?
Membership enables you to apply unique numbers to products, locations, shipments, documents, and assets and to electronically exchange information about these items, for example, through EDI or data synchronisation.

Identification helps to facilitate efficient management of a supply chain. Subscription also provides access to GS1 Australia services at member rates.

Why should I join GS1 and not go elsewhere for my barcode numbers?
GS1 Australia is the only authorised issuer of barcode numbers in Australia.

GS1 numbers guarantee global and local legitimacy, so that you have access to the full range of GS1 services. Some retailers may not accept the use of unauthorised barcode numbers.

Why have fees increased?
To continue to deliver support services to our 20,000 plus members in Australia, we need to continue to provide appropriate funding across our operational activities.  This funding comes from membership and services fees.  As inflation and the cost of doing business rises, we must adjust our membership and services fees to ensure appropriate funding across our operational areas to maintain our service levels.

Why has GS1 increased fees as a Not-for-Profit?
As a Not-for-Profit organisation GS1 Australia does not seek to make a profit from operational activities, however, we still need to cover the costs of running the organisation and delivering services to our members.  Membership and Services fees are the only sources of revenue to fund our operational activities.

I am only using a few numbers, why are the fees so high?
Membership is based on a licencing model. This model is based on the numbers reserved and made available for a members use and not the numbers used or in use. GS1 continues to evolve this model to right size the numbers reserved to match this to our members' needs.

GS1 Australia’s membership model is also a turnover based model in a bid to be more equitable to our customer base.

Find out more about GS1 Membership Fees

Can I receive/pay my Annual Renewal invoice early?
We can accept your payment before AR Invoice is raised (an invoice will have to be manually raised) & allocate payment to your invoice once it is issued.  The amount will be based on a quote. This can only occur as an exception with management approval.

I haven’t used barcode numbers for a while, can I postpone my membership?
Whilst you may not be using the numbers directly on your products, these numbers that have been allocated to you and are reserved in your name.  If you do not require a number range that has been issued to you, you can cancel the use of that range but be aware that means you lose all ongoing rights to use any numbers within that range and these numbers will revert back to GS1 Australia.

Why don’t I get 2% discount on direct debit on my credit card? 
With the additional function of setting up direct debit on your credit card, we have waived credit card fees in lieu of the 2% discount.  Using your credit card for direct debit use means you will receive your card based benefits such as loyalty point rewards.  

How can I pay my invoice?
Payment options include, EFT, Credit Card (MyGS1 or over the phone), B-Pay and Direct Debit (if you have set up this facility). For more information about paying your invoice, visit our website.

Why have I not received anything?
You should have received your invoice by email in the last week of June.  Check your Junk or other folders for your invoice. Alternatively, you can access and pay your invoice via the MyGS1 Portal. If you confirm your email, we can resend your invoice.

I received an email in May, why was there no invoice?
The email in May is a courtesy email letting you know that the invoice will be sent in June. The annual renewal invoice will be emailed toward the end of June.

Why can I not access the links on the renewals emails?
Links issued on renewals invoice emails are tested for security and if you are experiencing any difficulties, it could be due to restrictions imposed by your web browser or security settings that may need to be updated. You can also download a pdf copy of your invoice by logging into MyGS1 portal.

Why is the invoice not sent as a pdf attachment to the email?
Sending large files as attachments can sometimes result in delayed or failed deliveries, especially when dealing with strict email size limitations. By providing links instead, we can ensure that members receive their files promptly and reliably, regardless of their size. You can also download a pdf copy of your invoice by logging into MyGS1 portal.

My annual turnover is incorrect, can I change it/How do I declare my turnover?
Members can declare a new turnover anytime by contacting the GS1 Customer Support team or phone 1300 BARCODE. Invoices can be revised for the month of July an administration fee will be applicable. GS1 can ask you to support your turnover declaration.

Why do I have to declare my company turnover?
GS1 Australia’s membership model is a turnover based model in a bid to be more equitable to our customer base.

Is the term turnover for products sold?
Turnover means your Australian based revenue, including all related entities in which you have a majority interest, for a 12-month period regardless of the number of products or items utilising the GS1 system. 'You' means the individual, company, corporation or other legal entity named in the Licence Application. 

What is the definition of turnover for an international organisation?
For international companies with no Australian revenue, turnover is deemed to be the global revenue expressed in Australian dollars.

What is the definition of turnover for Government organisations?
For Government and statutory organisations, revenue includes income from the sale of products and services as well as any Government appropriations, contributions, subsidies or other Government distributions and funding.

Where can I find more information about the GS1 Australia Terms of Trade?
Refer to our Terms of Trade on our website.

My direct debit details have changed, is it too late to change them now?
You are entitled to change your details at any time. Once your application has been processed (which will take around 2 business days), direct debit will take effect on your next invoice. If you already have received an invoice that is not displaying direct debit, it will not be processed by direct debit.

Direct debit members receive an advisory invoice, stating not to pay the invoice at least seven working days before the debit takes place.  This provides time to allow for any account updates and for you to ensure there are funds available in the account on the date of lodgement.

My account is set-up for direct debit but I would like to terminate my membership. Can I get a refund?
GS1 will refund in full any annual renewal fees paid for the current financial year, if the Termination Form is returned within the month of July.  Funds are generally refunded weekly on Fridays back into nominated direct debit bank account or credit card.

If you require a purchase order for your GS1 Australia invoice, please contact the GS1 Customer Support team or phone 1300 BARCODE. Purchase order numbers must be requested prior to the renewal period when we send you invoices in June. Fees for the next financial year will be made available on our website by the end of May and you can also request a quote for your membership renewals if required.

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