Payment options for paying your account


Direct Debit

GS1 Australia provides a direct debit facility for those members who wish to pay all their GS1 accounts by direct debit from their bank account or credit card account. The direct debit facility enables automated and simplified administration processes thereby reducing costs for GS1 Australia and your organisation. As such GS1 Australia prefers direct debit as the primary payment method.

  • Pay via direct debit from your bank account and receive a 2% discount on all your invoices.

  • If you choose to pay all your invoices via direct debit from your credit card account, GS1 Australia will waive the credit card surcharge fee. The 2% discount does not apply when paying by direct debit from a credit card account.

Direct debit customers are requested to complete the direct debit form and return via email or post.

Existing direct debit users are also requested to return a signed form, only if there are any changes to their account details. To receive any applicable direct debit discounts, the direct debit facility must be in place 3 business days before the date the invoice is to be generated.

Direct debit lodgement will occur no earlier than 7 business days after the date of each invoice to be paid. Each invoice will clearly identify the direct debit amount and information as to when the lodgement will take place.

Online or over the phone payments using your Credit Card

You can choose from the following options:

  • If you have access to the MyGS1 member portal, you can easily view and pay your invoices – visit the MyGS1 member portal on our website. Use of MyGS1 will ensure prompt reconciliation and settlement of your account. If you do not have access to MyGS1, you can seek access through the nominated GS1 Coordinator in your business.

  • Access the online payment form on our website.

  • Phone - call 1300 BARCODE (1300 227 263).

Note: GS1 Australia accepts Visa or MasterCard. GS1 Australia incurs merchant processing fees for all credit card types. An additional card processing fee of 1.5% is charged at the time of payment. For more details, view our Terms of Trade on our website.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You can deposit the required funds directly into the GS1 Australia bank account at:

National Australia Bank
BSB 083 266
Account Number 696157718

To facilitate prompt account reconciliation, please ensure that you also send a remittance advice containing your company name and the invoice details (invoice number and amount) to GS1 Australia at email accounts.


You can use your financial institution’s phone or internet banking service to make your payment from your nominated account. To facilitate prompt account reconciliation please quote Biller Code 1222 and the current GS1 Australia Reference Number printed at the bottom right of your invoice.