The Global Language of Business

Getting Started

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a large global brand, our standards can power your business to trade seamlessly, efficiently and safely – both digitally and physically.


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    The only authorised Australian source of genuine, GS1 global barcodes

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    Required by all major local and global retailers

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    Recommended by Amazon, Catch, eBay and Google

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    Get our training, online and phone support to trade with confidence

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What your customers need

Implementing GS1 standards greatly improve business processes across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing, transport to online selling.  Know what you need to get started for success.  Especially when it comes to meeting trading partner requirements.


Why get your barcodes from GS1 Australia?

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    Don’t risk having products rejected by retailers for third party numbers

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    Be part of a global network in over 116 countries

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    Australian based arm of a global business

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    Local support to sell your product worldwide


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Working with Industry

We work with companies from many industries, associations, regulatory agencies and government bodies to identify challenges and implement solutions to help businesses create efficient value chains.


An initiative by the Australian Commonwealth Government

New service

Share accurate and up to date location information.


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The power of unique numbers

As a not for profit we service our members, providing standards that help you to uniquely identify, accurately capture and automatically share information about your products, locations, assets and more.


Our network of Solution Providers

Get help with the fast and accurate implementation of GS1 standards, and contributes to ongoing innovation in supply chain management. From barcode labelling to data warehousing, our extensive network of Solution Providers is here to help.


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More than just a barcode

Learn what unique numbers can do for you, register for training, webinars and events and stay up to date with industry news.