How GS1 Australia is Supporting Sustainability & Circularity

Helping companies achieve sustainability goals

Australian companies and governments are committed to sustainability goals, such as reducing their environmental footprints and conserving resources. GS1 Australia is supporting these initiatives with a common set of data standards, enabling the digital transformation that is essential for sustainability and circular economy models.​

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Sustainability and Circularity

Sustainability and circular economy in the supply chain are powered by digitalisation and visibility, shared through global and open data standards.

"Sustainability is becoming increasingly critical in GS1 Australia’s work with government, industry and our business plan."

Maria Palazzolo
Chief Executive Officer
GS1 Australia


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Sustainability for packaging​

APCO and GS1 Australia members use the National Product Catalogue to streamline reporting and actively track progress towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets.​

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Responsible Consumption and Production

GS1 standards support responsible consumption and production, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Management Goal 12 'Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.'​

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More sustainable value chains​

Sustainability and circularity initiatives build on GS1’s proven suite of global standards and services.​

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Traceability for sustainability

Government and industry are achieving enhanced sustainability through digital traceability using GS1 standards.

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GS1 Advisory Services

Find out new ways to achieve a more sustainable, profitable and competitive future for your business.

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