A revolution for supply chains​

EPCIS v2.0 is a GS1 standard that achieves granular transparency of products throughout their lifecycle, from manufacture and distribution to their end destination.​ Helping to answer supply chain challenges such 'I want to know where my products are at any given time' and 'I want to know in advance exactly what's in a shipment?'

Companies from all sectors can use EPCIS for enhanced traceability.

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Business benefits

  • Know the whereabouts of products produced at or shipped from a given facility​

  • Expiration of perishable assets (e.g., vaccines, fresh produce) to ensure timely use and first-in/first-out distribution ​

  • Aggregation of individual items packed into cases, cases loaded onto pallets, pallets into containers ​

  • Timestamped series of business-relevant sensor data  ​

  • Details on measured concentrations of chemicals and micro-organisms for food safety ​

  • Accurate overview of product inventory or equipment availability across networks of distributed locations

  • Certification details associated with harvest, production, shipments and locations


Improved traceability, security, compliance


Across the globe, EPCIS is supporting existing and emerging industry use cases for traceability and supply chain visibility in sectors such healthcare, logistics, fresh foods, apparel and rail including:​

  • ​Pharmaceutical Track & Trace

  • Food packaging​

  • Vehicle visibility in rail  ​

  • Digital coupon management in retail ​

  • Asset management (hospitals, oil and gas) ​

  • Apparel stock-taking and cycle counting 

EPCIS v2.0 supports​

  • Sensor data for monitoring products and industrial IoT processes ​

  • Certification details ​

  • JSON/JSON-LD syntax that is developer-friendly ​

  • REST API for easy integration into evolving applications

  • GS1 Digital Link URI syntax


EPICS Sandpit

If you would like to trial EPCIS and better understand how it can work for you, GS1 Australia have a test framework, the EPCIS Sandpit. Contact us for more information