How to get a barcode

GS1 is the only official provider of GS1 GTINs and EAN/UPC barcodes globally.

We’ve been helping companies to identify their products since the very first barcode was used back in 1973. When you get your barcodes from GS1, you also get peace of mind that your numbers are unique and authentic within the GS1 system.

Getting your barcodes is easy. When you buy a barcode you'll become a member of GS1 Australia.

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Takes 10-15 minutes

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How to buy a barcode

Depending on your annual turnover, you can get one barcode number or thousands.

You pay an annual licence fee for your barcode numbers at the start of July. The fee depends on your turnover and the number of barcodes you've licenced.

Once you place an order you'll receive confirmation via email of your barcode numbers. We'll also send you helpful hints to get you started.

If you don't want to join online you can download manual forms. Please allow two business days for processing of your manual application. 


To start creating barcodes, you need to become a GS1 Australia member.

Your annual GS1 Australia membership includes:

  • Ongoing use of unique GS1 barcode numbers
  • A wide range of complimentary (or discounted) training and support
  • Complimentary and discounted barcode verification
  • Member pricing on all GS1 Australia services
  • Participation in standards development
  • Access to best practice information and standards for supply chain management
  • Exclusive access to a vast local and global network of industry representatives and expertise
  • Access to GS1 Check Digit Calculator

Download the GS1 Australia membership benefits and entitlements brochure.

Getting more from the GS1 system

There's much more to the GS1 system than just barcodes. At its heart is an interlinked system of rock-solid standards to help you streamline your supply chain. These standards enable you to improve your business processes internally, through greater accuracy, cost efficiencies and readiness to market.

Companies also use the GS1 system and related services to automate and streamline a wide range of external business processes. The services include:

  • Training - from the basics of barcoding to masterclasses, learn how to maximise your barcode investment.
  • Barcode Check - to ensure your barcodes scan first time, every time.
  • Photography - for a single source of quality product images.
  • National Product Catalogue - a secure way to share product data in a single, accessible location.
  • Locatenet - a fast, accurate way to pinpoint and share location information across your supply chain.
  • Recall - helps minimise the impact and cost of product recalls and withdrawals and ensures your recall information is received by everyone who needs to know.
  • Content Creation - we create your product-related digital assets for you and distribute to your trading partners.
  • Smart Media - to self manage and share product-related digital assets with your trading partners.
  • SmartSearch - helps you make more detailed and accurate product information visible across the web and increases relevant search results for customers.
  • EDI Certify - a fast, easy way to deploy eCommerce strategies across diverse trading communities.
  • Consult - a range of consulting services to improve supply chain systems
  • GS1 Check Digit Calculator - make sure your numbers are right with this handy tool.


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Takes 10-15 minutes

Fees | Terms & conditions