Our People


GS1 Australia employs over 150 staff in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our people are passionate, bright and committed to implementing the GS1 system so as to drive positive change.

Our success stories - Margo and Steven


Our success stories - Aleesha


Our shared purpose

As a team, we share a common purpose and a strong belief in the potential of our organisation to enable better outcomes for all stakeholders. This shared commitment provides the energy and cohesion that sustains our quest to be excellent in all that we do.

Our sense of community

We see our stakeholders as part of our collective community, bound by our common purpose. Within our community we aim to build and sustain trust-based relationships that enable us to work together in the most effective way possible. 

Collaborative learning

Our ability to innovate, embrace difference and diversity and successfully navigate disruptive change comes from our commitment to a collaborative and cooperative community. We value learning as a way to ensure our individual and collective potential.

Enabling leaders

We believe in shared leadership, which is focused on selfless service to others. We strongly encourage and enable our people to help others to succeed.

This leadership vision is essential for developing our collaborative community and allows us to achieve our goals.


Winner of 2021 Zoomtopia Innovation Awards Overall Winner/Defining the Hybrid Workspace