GS1 Digital Link

Getting more from your barcode


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GS1 Digital Link is fast becoming the ‘missing link’ connecting a wealth of product information from multiple locations to consumers, retailers, regulators, patients, clinicians and more; all from a single scan.​​

GS1 Digital Link and 2D Barcodes are powerful communication channels for brand owners across their supply chains. Unlike traditional barcodes that link to a single url, GS1 Digital Link enables access to multiple urls from a variety of locations, including websites, apps and point-of-sale to name a few. 

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GS1 Digital Link in Health

A single barcode for identification, authentication and access to information on medical products.

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GS1 Digital Link in Agriculture

Citrus Australia use GS1 Digital Link to achieve traceability by sales unit and enhanced international compatibility for exports.

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Nutura Organic Case Study

Brand protection and consumer engagement. Addressing counterfeiting and providing true traceability.​

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