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At GS1 Australia, we provide the unique numbers your business needs to identify products, locations, documents and more - right across your supply chain, and right across the world.

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What are GS1 Identification Numbers?

GS1 Identification Numbers are unique sequences of numbers that enable your business - and your trading partners - to uniquely identify any item in your supply chain, anywhere in the world.  

  • Numbers are licensed to your business for a yearly fee

  • Numbers can be issued for products, logistic units, assets, locations, documents and much more

  • Completely unique, and globally recognised

  • Our expert supplier partners can help you turn your numbers into barcodes. You can also leverage the GS1 system to access a wide range of consulting services and benefits for your business.

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Numbering and Barcodes: find out how to get started


Benefits of GS1 Identification Numbers

GS1 numbering integrity
As GS1 is the only organisation authorised to manage GS1 numbers in Australia - you can be assured that your numbers have integrity and are globally unique. 

Recognised locally and internationally
GS1 numbers are scanned and recognised all over the world,  from your local milk bar to major department stores.

Obtaining your numbers
You can become a GS1 Australia member and order your barcode numbers online. You'll receive your barcode numbers via email, along with helpful hints to get you started. For manually submitted forms, please allow two business days for processing.

Trusted supplier network
Once you've sourced your numbering from GS1 Australia, we can put you in touch with the right partners to help you turn your numbers into accurate and effective barcodes. 

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