2D Barcodes: The Next generation in Primary Industry

Next generation 2D Barcodes are transforming business for growers, producers, manufacturers and brand owners. Carrying substantially more information than traditional 1D Barcodes, 2D Barcodes are untapping new opportunities for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and everywhere in between. While still going beep at point-of-sale.

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Future-proof your products and your brand. Start planning your upgrade to next generation 2D Barcodes, that not only contain point-of-sale capability but also supply chain data from across the product lifecycle and enhanced digital connection with your customers.

2D Keys to Success

Video • An introduction to the adoption and implementation of 2D barcodes in Australian retail.

2027 is the date set by global industry when all retail point-of-sale systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes, worldwide.

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Digitise on-farm operations

Improve product safety

Fight counterfeit

Enhance consumer engagement

Communicate sustainability goals


2D barcodes in Primary Industry

The impact of 2D barcodes in Primary Industry is significant and far-reaching​. 

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Next Generation Traceability

2D barcodes are delivering a significant leap forward in maintaining and elevating the safety and quality of citrus fruits for consumers, both domestically and abroad.​

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Transform your products into a dynamic communication tool and establish interactive connections with your consumers.​

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