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The 2D in Retail Advisory group brings together hundreds of retailers, solution providers and brand owners, to assist in the implementation of 2D barcodes for retail point of sale in Australia.

2027 is the date set by global industry when all retail point-of-sale systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes, worldwide.

Group members act as an advisory body for the retail industry. The group provides a working forum where members can effectively discuss and exchange information and ideas relating to 2D barcodes.​

Main objectives

  • To identify and action opportunities to support retail cross-industry collaboration

  • Represent the interests of the retail industry as a whole and make recommendations to GS1 Australia as required ​

Participant benefits​

The 2D in Retail Advisory Group provides members with opportunities to:​

  • Network and collaborate with other industry experts​

  • Stay informed of updates to GS1 standards​

  • Tap into global knowledge and experience​

Who should join?​

The group is open to all interested parties who are involved in the implementation of 2D barcodes including:​

  • Solution providers ​

  • IT developers/engineers ​

  • Production line managers ​

  • Facility managers ​

  • Quality assurance ​

  • Packaging companies ​

  • Project managers/sponsors ​

  • Printing companies

Next Steps​

You are invited to join the 2D in Retail Advisory Group where your expertise and insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of 2D barcode implementation in Australia. ​

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