Next Generation 2D Barcodes for Solution Providers

What you need to know

Next generation 2D barcodes are revolutionising business, in Australia and across the globe, carrying substantially more information than traditional 1D barcodes. Providers can support their customers with a smooth transition to 2D barcodes through awareness of the hardware and software requirements and best practices to ensure compatibility with the customer's existing systems, or upgrades for their equipment.

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2D Barcodes at Retail Point-of-Sale Implementation Guideline


Types of 2D Barcodes​

Understand the various formats of 2D barcodes and the differences between their respective use cases.

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Creating GS1 Powered QR Codes

Update traditional QR codes to connect to multiple sources of information, simultaneously.

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GS1 Digital Link

Transform your customer's products into a dynamic communication tool with GS1 Digital Link.

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2D Technical Group

A forum for participants to discuss technical challenges and opportunities when adopting 2D barcodes.

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GS1 has commissioned global and consistent testing on barcode scanner systems (in collaboration with the University of Memphis AIDC lab) to benchmark and improve their ability to meet the needs of industry. The results from the testing will enable guidance for transition and placement of barcodes for Suppliers and Manufacturers, and also aid Retailers and Solution Providers in defining and implementing software upgrades for scanners.