2D Barcodes in Retail

Keys to Success video series


Welcome to the online series '2D Barcodes in Retail | Keys to Success'​

A video series to assist Australian retail in understanding the adoption and implementation of next generation 2D Barcodes. Australia is at the forefront of the global transition with benefits being achieved by all stakeholders in the retail value chain. Whether you’re a brand owner, retailer, solution provider, a packaging or a printing company, this series is for you.

Prepare your business for 2027, when all retail systems will aim to scan 2D Barcodes at point-of-sale, worldwide.

Episode 1

An introduction to the adoption and implementation of 2D Barcodes in Australian retail.

Episode 2

Woolworths shares the success achieved through 2D Barcodes.

Episode 3

7-Eleven Thailand and 2D Barcodes, safeguarding consumers with every scan.

Episode 4

Upgrade your QR Codes with GS1 power

Episode 5

Australian Cherry industry powers $80M exports with 2D Barcodes.

Episode 6

Coming soon

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