Next generation barcodes
are transforming healthcare

GS1 Datamatrix barcodes have been transforming healthcare globally for many years. They are one of the key enablers to ensuring safer management of products all the way to the patient and consumer. One barcode, many benefits​.

Enabling Traceability 

  • Supports regulatory requirements

  • Enhanced Recall processes

  • Supports product authentication and reduction of falsification

Improving Safety

  • Reducing risk of counterfeit products​

  • Assist clinical accuracy ​

  • Enable accurate and complete patient records  ​

  • Facilitate faster recalls 

Improving Supply Chains ​

  • Enhancing Inventory Management ​

  • Improved visibility across the value chain

Supporting Sustainable Practices ​

  • Reduction in printed product information ​

  • Improved management of waste 

Empowering Consumers and Clinicians​

  • Enabling access to product information