How to Get Started with
Using 2D Barcodes in Retail

A global transition in retail

Next generation 2D barcodes are transforming the way the retail sector does business, supporting digital transformation and delivering new opportunities for all stakeholders in the retail supply chain.

By 2027, all retail point-of-sale systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes worldwide.

Let the journey begin

Retailers that are already implementing 2D barcodes report the upgrade period is between 12 and 18 months minimum.

Will you be ready?

Prepare your business for 2027. Retailers are beginning the transition to 2D barcodes now.

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Checklist for retailers

Strategic, technical and stakeholder considerations for getting started with 2D barcodes.

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Next steps

Reach out to a retail expert at GS1 Australia for an initial discussion on getting started with your transition to 2D barcodes.

Resources to get started

As a neutral standards body, GS1 Australia is supporting retailers in the journey towards 2D barcodes, offering guidance on a smooth and voluntary transition, while minimising disruption to existing business processes.



GS1 Australia can assist companies to assess implementation readiness, identify use cases that deliver strategically aligned outcomes, guide the selection of the most appropriate variant of 2D barcodes and ensure a clear roadmap, informed by global experience.

Organisations should have a clear understanding of the potential benefits, data integration requirements, challenges, investment and risk to ensure the outcomes are tailored to their objectives. GS1 Australia helps ensure strategic alignment with your objectives guided by the benefit of insights, global experience and independent, vendor agnostic advice. 

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