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2D Barcodes for Printing and Packaging​

The retail industry is transitioning to 2D barcodes, both in Australia and across the globe. Retailers and brands are turning to printing and packaging companies for assistance to support this change with the correct standards and specifications.

2027​​ is the date set by global industry when all retail ​point-of-sale ​systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes​ worldwide

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Episode 1

2D Keys to Success

Video • An introduction to the adoption and implementation of 2D barcodes in Australian retail.

Types of 2D Barcodes​

Types of 2D Barcodes​

Understand the various formats of 2D barcodes and the differences between their respective use cases.

Find out how

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Take a deep dive into the technical aspects of 2D barcodes.​

GS1 DataMatrix​

GS1 Digital Link

General Specifications

General Specifications

Refer to Section 5 in the GS1 General Specifications for 2D barcode data carriers, identification keys, data attributes and their applications.

General Specifications v23.0

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