2D Barcodes

Next Generation in Retail


2D Barcodes for General Merchandise

Next generation 2D barcodes will transform business for brand owners and suppliers in general merchandise. Carrying substantially more information than traditional 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes will untap new opportunities for apparel, homewares, hardware and anywhere in between. 

2027 is the date set by global industry when all retail point-of-sale systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes, worldwide.

Grow consumer interactions and insights

2D barcodes present a new digital opportunity for general merchandise suppliers and brand owners that will support growth strategies into untapped new markets and expand consumer reach. Amplify your brand voice and deliver customer-centric marketing campaigns that will drive engaging promotions, instant two-way customer feedback in real-time for valuable insights and share certifications that build brand trust and credibility.

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Episode 1

2D Keys to Success

Video • An introduction to the adoption and implementation of 2D barcodes in Australian retail.

consumer engagement


Improve ​
inventory visibility


Digital ID ​
of every product


brand voice


sustainability information

GS1 Digital Link

GS1 Digital Link

Transform your products into a dynamic communication tool that will amplify your brand voice and establish interactive connections with your consumers.

Get more from your 2D barcode

Creating QR Codes Powered by GS1

Creating QR Codes Powered by GS1

Upgrade traditional QR codes to scan at point-of-sale and connect to multiple sources of information, at the same time.​

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2D Advisory Groups

2D Advisory Groups

Join key stakeholders and have your say on the implementation of 2D barcodes in Australia.

2D in Retail Advisory Group

2D Technical Group

2D Barcodes Hub

Resources to get started