Established to support Australian industry and government enhance supply chain traceability and trade  

There has been continued focus on traceability with industry and governments initiating projects and pilots in many sectors.  In response to industry concern that some of these activities may lead to duplication and multiple frameworks, GS1 is supporting a national advisory group made up of GS1 members and relevant federal and state government representatives.

This advisory group specifically provides recommendations on the need for supply chain traceability standards and priorities, including:

  • Multi-sector representation to address linkages across supply chains
  • State and federal government engagement – to inform and be informed of regulatory aspects of supply chain traceability
  • Active management and communication of opportunities as well as risks to Australian industry
  • Direct reporting and advice to the GS1 Australia Executive Team

The primary objective of the group is to inform GS1 Australia on the requirements of industry and government relating to traceability standards and communicate with industry and government on supply chain traceability priorities in Australia. The Group's objectives are aligned with the role of government to ensure Australian industry maintains and builds global competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and positive socio-economic outcomes and opportunity for all Australians.

NGTAG chair

The NGTAG meets quarterly and is chaired by nominated industry representatives. GS1 Australia administers and supports the operational functions of the group. Members provide input, support and guidance on the industry adoption of global data standards, including but not limited to standards for traceability.

GS1 Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that works in collaboration with industry, for industry, providing global standards and technology-neutral services to help solve the business challenges of today and for the future.