Traceability 4 Purpose


Unlocking the key benefits of traceability

As part of the National GS1 Traceability Advisory Group (NGTAG) strategy and activities, a series of messaging, white papers and call to actions have been released, focused on key areas for traceability in Australia.

NGTAG has agreed the following areas will provide the greatest opportunities for Australian industry including food safety, provenance and authenticity, cross border trade, quality, safety and certification, sustainability and many more.

Traceability 4 Biosecurity

The ability to accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively identify, capture and share information on product and material movements through supply chains, is of critical national importance.

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Traceability 4 Building & Construction

Digital traceability standards will address current industry challenges whilst significantly improving project management, safety, quality control and sustainability metrics, boosting overall efficiency and productivity.

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Traceability 4 Quality, Safety & Certification

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Traceability 4 Regulation and Policy Making

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Traceability 4 Sustainability and Circular Economy

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Traceability 4 Provenance and Authenticity

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Traceability 4 Consumer Engagement and Trust

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