National Traceability Accord​

A set of agreed principles voluntarily endorsed by signatories​


Support for the National Traceability Accord is open to all companies across Australia with many associations, retailers and brands already represented as signatories.​


1    For the greater good

2    Interoperability and global data standards

Traceability systems can deliver competitive advantages to individual companies. It is its aggregate value across the economy that will deliver greater safety for all Australians and lift Australia’s brand in key export markets. Interoperability of traceability systems is critical to ensure transparent and cost-effective implementation of solutions. Interoperability is needed within and across sectors, domestically and internationally.

3    Traceability insights, collaboration and sharing

4    Transparency with privacy

The business value of full product traceability can be harnessed through collaboration and sharing of traceability insights along with necessary data on both critical incident as well as on a regular basis. Transparency is a key principle for responsible sharing of traceability data to establish full endto- end product traceability. The signatories recognise that the sharing of traceability data with supply chain partners must be done with data sharing agreements and privacy protections in place.

5    Resolution of incident and data disposal

6    Traceability with purpose

Resolution of product safety incidents, including food safety, in a timely manner is one of the key criteria for successful implementation of traceability solutions. Traceability must deliver benefits that are tangible, measurable and meaningful to consumers, industry and governments. In this respect traceability is a means to an end, rather than an objective on its own.



About the Accord