Sustainability for packaging



The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is a standardised platform to facilitate the capture and sharing of product master data including packaging sustainability information. It supports suppliers to easily manage packaging data in a single location. The NPC has been supporting the food and beverage sector in Australia for close to 20 years.

Suppliers, manufacturers and brand owners upload their product information onto the NPC and publish it to a range of data recipients, including Australia’s major national retailers. It provides a way for them to manage product master data in a single location and syndicate it to multiple trading partners as well as use it to support internal master data related initiatives that depend on accurate, validated product data.​

APCO and GS1 collaborate

APCO and GS1 collaborate

To provide a solution for members of both organisations to assist in actively tracking progress towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets. ​

Information session

Online information sessions are available to assist APCO and GS1 members in becoming more familiar with the National Product Catalogue and understand how it can support APCO members in streamlining their APCO reporting. ​

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Adressing packaging challenges

  • The NPC APCO data model has been validated with owners and recipients of the data who are members of both APCO and GS1 Australia ​​
  • The data model had been developed to strike a balance between detail and ease of use ​​
  • The NPC supports other sustainability initiatives such as container deposit schemes​
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