GS1 QR Codes



GS1 QR Code is a two-dimensional square barcode and is a subset of the ISO/IEC QR Code. Whilst these barcodes are available to use for certain applications, they are not widely used in the Australian market or other parts of the world as they cannot be scanned by native phone cameras. Not approved for retail Point-of-sale scanning.

Examples of use

Another option for applications that support the use of GS1 QR Code such as the representation of a URL with a GTIN on a product.

Containing up to 4,296 characters, the GS1 QR Code carries text-based data. It is designed to be read by specific scanners and smartphone apps, but not using native phone cameras like other QR codes which is one of its main disadvantages.

This barcode was introduced to support the representation of two specific GS1 Application Identifiers:

  • AI (01) – this is the GTIN

  • AI (8200) – this is an authorised URL

Additional information can be encoded if needed.

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