Application Identifiers

There are more than 500 Application Identifiers (AIs).

Just like a phone number’s area code can identify which state you’re calling from.

GS1 AIs give your business the ability to carry extra information in a barcode or RFID tag.

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What data can AIs identify?

GS1 AIs are used to identify all kinds of data. This data can then be captured in a barcode or RFID tag.

AIs are used to represent GS1 ID Keys such as GTIN, GLN and SSCC; and to identify other information, known as attribute data, like variable count, net weight, batch/lot number and expiry date.

Other AIs are used for things like shipment identification, coupons, refund receipts and more.

For technical information about AIs, go to section 3 of the General Specifications