GS1 DataMatrix


GS1 DataMatrix is a two-dimensional barcode and is a subset of ISO/IEC DataMatrix version ECC 200, the only version that supports GS1 system data structures. They can be either square or rectangular in shape. When using this on a retail trade item a linear barcode is also still required until there is a pervasive adoption to scan 2D Barcodes at POS.

Examples of use: surgical instruments, rail parts, logistics labels


With the ability to capture up to 2,335 characters, GS1 DataMatrix is used to identify very detailed product information.
GS1 DataMatrix has in-built error correction, to compensate for lost or missing data, or damage to the barcode – making it very accurate and secure.
This barcode is made up of a string of GS1 Application Identifiers.

GS1 DataMatrix in Healthcare

The global healthcare industry only supports GS1 DataMatrix in their GS1 applications. QR Code, and its versions, is not supported when using GS1 identifiers and applications in a healthcare environment.

GS1 Healthcare Position Statement on GS1 DataMatrix Implementation

GS1 DataMatrix factsheet

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