Designed for the food, grocery and general merchandise industries, GS1 Australia Recall is an online platform to minimise the impact and cost of product recalls and withdrawals.

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What is Recall?

Recall is a secure online platform endorsed by major Australian retailers and associations. The use of the Recall platform significantly streamlines and improves processes and communications in the event of a product recall or withdrawal, enabling fast and effective removal of products from across the supply chain.

The complex process of a recall can be made simpler, watch the short animation to see how.

Working towards a better recall process

A collaborative initiative between industry experts and GS1 Australia to provide organisations with advice from major retailers, regulatory bodies and reputable stakeholders on how to be better prepared for recalls, and improve customer safety.

'The key to preparedness is to have an effective and well documented recall protocol in place at your business.' - Martin Stone, Director of HACCP Australia.

Conducting better product recalls

A resource for organisations to gain valuable insights from industry leaders on the management and communication of product recalls. Helping to reduce the risk and impact for consumers and trading partners.

Benefits of Recall

Faster, simpler communication
Communicate recalls and withdrawals to all trading partners and regulators, via a single whole of industry platform.

Lower risks and costs
Reduce risks and cut costs in the way you execute recalls and withdrawals.

Targeted, secure messaging
Target notifications to selected customers with tailored information and progress reporting. Secure system ensures only approved notifications are issued.

Mobile friendly
View, report back on and approve recall/withdrawal notices from any mobile device, from any location at any time.

Ensure compliance
Easily communicate with regulators such as Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Therapeutic Goods Administration, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Meet certification requirements
Conduct mock recalls for HACCP/standards certification and audits.

Fast and efficient
Clear handling, disposal and reimbursement instructions to speed the recall process.

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As members of the GS1 Recall Advisory Group, we recommend that all organisations can benefit from the use of the Recall service and strongly encourage all suppliers and recipient organisations to be part of this important industry initiative to diminish risk and improve consumer safety.

GS1 Recall Advisory Group


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Recall support

National Number: 1300 2RECALL (1300 273 225)
Support hours: 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am – 7.30pm Friday 

For after hours support call +61 3 8581 5976
(If not available, leave a detailed message and a GS1 representative will return your call) 

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