Recall and Recall Health service updates

GS1 Australia Recall and Recall Health are updated regularly with new features and enhancements. 

Recall Health  

TGA Reference ID automatically included
The TGA Reference ID (if provided by the initiator) is now automatically included in every notification title within Recall Health. Initiators no longer need to include the TGA Reference ID as part of the notification title, only within the TGA Reference ID field. The enhancement enables both initiators and recipients to search the dashboard using the TGA Reference ID. Consumer Therapeutic Goods
A new question has been included in Recall Health within the notification details section, to confirm whether a product is designed for consumer use. Upload function for response reports
A new file uploader function has been included in the Report Progress module of Recall Health, where users now have the ability to upload Response Reports. 

Recall and Recall Health

New Action Centre 
A new tab title 'Action Centre' has been introduced to the Recall and Recall Health dashboards. The Action Centre consolidates outstanding actions for initiators and receivers. Notifications can be completed through an easy to use checklist. Each action is accompanied by a description for next steps required and a link to the precise location to complete the step.  Integration with GS1's National Location Registry
Recall and Recall Health are now integrated with the GS1 National Location Registry enabling users to easily create internal locations using a Global Location Number (GLN). New reporting status options
Recipients can now select 'In progress' or 'Not impacted' as a reporting status when responding to a notification. Closed notifications
Users can select whether or not they wish to be notified of closed notifications. The default setting is set to 'off'.  Comments field
Further details can be included in the new comments field within the Item Reporting section. This can be used to add information such as the name of the person completing the report and the location from where they are reporting. Mouseover function
Subscription administrators can now use the mouseover function to easily view user roles when creating new users. Terms and conditions
All users are now required to confirm the Recall/Recall Health terms and conditions via a checkbox each time they log in. The terms and conditions can be viewed using a link at the bottom of the login page. 
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Submit your request for enhancements
All users of GS1 Australia Recall and Recall Health can submit a request for functional improvements or updates. These will flow into the assessment, specification, review and prioritisation process with input from the Advisory Groups. This process ensures a service functional enhancement road map is achieved, aligned with industry requirements and capturing the future needs of Recall and Recall Health. To submit a change request or to find out more about the Recall and Recall Health road map please email or call the GS1 Recall team on 03 8581 5976.