National Product Catalogue

The smart, secure way to share product data, in a single, accessible location.

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National Product Catalogue is used by more than 1800 organisations across Australia and New Zealand. It holds over one million products from over 1500 suppliers. It is used extensively across the Grocery and Healthcare sectors.

What is National Product Catalogue?

National Product Catalogue is a solution that can help you enter, validate, store, maintain and share all your product details, pricing, trade-related and marketing-related information. It provides a single repository of product, pricing and data, applicable across all product categories.

  • Share data with nominated trading partners and enable them to see any changes in real time
  • Synchronise item and price data as a foundation for efficient electronic data interchange
  • Keep your data in a single, secure, accessible, reliable location
  • Maintain a high level of data integrity - avoiding duplication, errors and discrepancies
  • Improve data quality with both automatic and process-driven validation services
  • Securely share item master information such as GTINs, descriptions, product classifications, units of measure, package contents, key regulatory and funder information and more
  • Endorsed and utilised by all of Australia's state, territory and federal health departments, private health providers, pharmacy wholesalers, retailers and many others 

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Benefits of National Product Catalogue

Greater data accuracy and visibility
Less manual correspondence with customers, and less manual updating of data means more accurate orders, shipments and deliveries. With access to more accurate information, you can also make faster and more informed decisions.

Reduced administration
By having a single source of product data, you can avoid multiple data entry and updates, and work more efficiently. 

Improved stock levels
Through having greater insight into your supply chain, you can avoid problems with stock volumes and supply.

Better trading relationships
Improve on-shelf availability and give your customers access to the details they need, when they need them. 

Speed to market
Suppliers increase speed to market for new products.

Safer and more accurate supply
Accuracy of product information is vital in ensuring a reliable and secure supply chain. National Product Catalogue helps ensure a reduction in misidentification of products where the data is used within business and clinical systems. It also provides a foundation for rapid product recalls and precise product tracking.

Reduced costs
By having a single source of master data users benefit from a reduction in order and invoice error rates, invoice claims, and out-of-stock situations in their supply chains.

Improved stock control
Ensures more efficient identification and management of inventory. Use of interoperable data can also ensure improved product traceability, visibility, reporting and reach across industry.

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What some customers have to say about National Product Catalogue

With Woolworths now fully compliant with the National Product Catalogue and able to synchronise data with our suppliers we see this as a valuable opportunity for our trade partners to reduce their cost of doing business.

Stephen Bate General Manager for Longlife Buying, Woolworths


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