NPC Certified Products

The Certified Product Matrix shows the current certified partners:

Products Certified for the following Sectors / Requirements:




DataSync Connect


ilCE Adaptor

Interact Pacific OnpackOnshelf V6.5

PNORs Tech Group

Distributor v3.7

Symphony Technology

eSymphony v2.01

Grocery AU

     Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)


     Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL)


     Nutritional Information Panel (NIP)


Grocery NZ



Liquor AU



Liquor NZ



Health AU



Health NZ



Hardware NZ





Office Supplies NZ





M2M Publication (Publication / Unpublication)


Trading Partner Dependent (TPD)




Receiving Item and Price Confirmation Messages (CIC and PSC)




1 M2M 'Publication' is currently supported

2 TPDs will be supported as requested


National Product Catalogue Certification Program

The National Product Catalogue Certification Program is designed to certify a product’s ability to meet the local National Product Catalogue supplier / data source requirements by all engaged industry sectors.

The Certification Program is conducted by GS1 Australia and is only available to GS1 Australia Alliance Partners who have an understanding of the components of the GS1 System which form the basis for data synchronisation.

National Product Catalogue Certification applies to National Product Catalogue only

It does not certify that the product is able to meet the requirements of any other GDSN Certified Data Pool or to meet the requirements of any trading partner using another GDSN Certified Data Pool.

GDSN Standards are standards that govern the interoperability between GDSN Certified Data Pools and between GDSN Certified Data Pools and the GS1 Global Registry. GDSN Standards do not govern how a GDSN Data Pool interacts with its users.

For example, GS1 XML is the format used to exchange data within the GDSN. However, a GDSN Certified Data Pool does not have to support GS1 XML as the format used to receive data from data sources or send data to data.recipients.

There are some optional components in GDSN that Certified Data Pools do not have to support in order to be certified.

For example, price attributes and non-core item attributes are all optional components of GDSN. Some non-core item attributes are developed by Certified Data Pools are only applicable to their local market.

National Product Catalogue Certification is designed to only certify a product’s ability to meet National Product Catalogue requirements. Users wanting to leverage GDSN functionality with customers or suppliers overseas are encouraged to contact GS1 Australia to discuss their specific requirements.

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Disclaimer - GS1 Australia does not warrant that the GS1 Alliance Partners solution is fit for any specific party or purpose. All prospective purchasers or users should make their own independent enquiries as to the suitability of the solution for their requirements.

What is a National Product Catalogue Certified Solution?

National Product Catalogue Certified Products are available from GS1 Alliance Partners who have worked collaboratively with GS1 Australia to ensure their solutions meet a minimum set of criteria required to successfully implement National Product Catalogue.

Products that have been granted National Product Catalogue Certified status have proven that they have the capability to support:

  • The National Product Catalogue data set used by all engaged industry sectors. This National Product Catalogue data set will be comprised of the following types of attributes:

    • GDSN Attributes

    • Local AVP Attributes 

    • Code Lists 

  • The data validation rules – All error and warning messages are supported

  • Uploading process into National Product Catalogue – that the solution is capable of uploading data to National Product Catalogue

  • All action codes supported (Item: ADD, CHANGE and CORRECT, Price: ADD and CHANGE (price change)

GS1 Australia certifies a specific release version of the product against the current version of National Product Catalogue. Changes in product version releases or versions of National Product Catalogue might require re-certification.

The National Product Catalogue Certification Program does not certify buyer side products.

What is not being certified?

Whilst the above areas are rigorously tested as part of the National Product Catalogue Certification Program, it is important to clarify what the Program does not cover the following:

  • The ability to support any other attribute from those currently used by Australian sectors

  • The ability to automate publication and other confirmation messages

  • The Alliance Partner company itself

  • Other solutions available from the Alliance Partner, other than those specified

  • The delivery of ongoing application support by the Alliance Partner

  • Certification of specific staff or individual consultants

  • Overall "usability or look and feel" of system

  • Any other additional functionality (other than specific items noted above)

  • Back office integration capabilities

  • The product is fit for any other purpose whatsoever

  • That the product meets the requirement of any other Certified Data Pool around the world (please read below for further detail).

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