Verified by GS1

Get product identity right​

Verified by GS1 is a single, neutral registry of basic product data and attributes, used globally by online marketplaces, brand owners and retailers to solve challenges including product duplication, incorrect data and counterfeiting.  ​​

All companies across the commerce ecosystem are benefitting from Verified by GS1 through accessing accurate, consistent and reliable product data, of more than 130 million products world-wide. ​​

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“Verified by GS1 is very important to Google as it establishes the identify of a product and will allow companies all around the world to verify that the products they get from other parties are the products they are looking for. It will also give consumers confidence when buying online – more so than today.” Bhanu Narasimhan, Director, Product Management, Google Shopping.


How does Verified by GS1 work?

Verified by GS1 is an ID card for products, similar to a driver’s licence or passport for people. The identity of a packaged product is authenticated using seven key attributes. Product information is held within the Global Registry platform and is maintained by the brand owner.


Key attributes​

  1. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)​

  2. Brand name​

  3. Product description​

  4. Product image​ URL

  5. Global product category (GPC)​

  6. Net content / unit of measure​

  7. Country of sale​


Retailers and marketplaces


Until now, retailers have had to use complex algorithms and manual processes to cross-check GTINs from different data sources, leading to significant waste, confusion and costly errors. For retailers and marketplaces, this reinforced foundation of the product data ecosystem will drive operational efficiencies and ultimately increase sales.

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency in product-listing processes reduces time and costs needed to gather and verify data and enables cleaner product catalogues
  • More reliable product information increases customer satisfaction, resulting in fewer returns
  • Greater counterfeit protection

Brand owners

This new product data foundation will offer brand owners greater control over their basic product data and global visibility for their products. They will have complete visibility into the quality of the core data for all their products around the globe, and have access to analytics and insights they can use to improve the quality of the data in their systems.

  • Increased accuracy, visibility and simplification in product- listing processes ensures faster time to market
  • More reliable product information improves the consumer experience and builds brand loyalty
  • Greater brand and counterfeit protection