Get Verified by GS1: A Guide for Marketplaces & Retailers

Verified by GS1 provides marketplaces and retailers with brand-verified product data. A global, cloud-based GS1 Registry Platform of unique product identifiers and attributes, solving challenges such as inaccurate product listings, incorrect data and counterfeiting.

Steps to get started


Join GS1 Australia

To access Verified by GS1, companies need to be a member of GS1 Australia. If you are not already a member of GS1 Australia, we have a special membership type that will give you access to Verified by GS1 free of charge join here.


Access Verified by GS1

  1. Go to the Verified by GS1 menu via the MyGS1 member portal

  2. Enter the GTIN you wish to search and click the Search button 

  3. Information about that product will be displayed 

  4. If you wish to do a search for up to 100 products at a time, click on the “Search in Bulk” link and follow the instructions



More information

Our customer support team are available to answer your questions or for more information visit Verified by GS1 FAQs.