Get Verified by GS1: A Guide for Brand Owners

Ensure your products are represented in the best way possible. The digital world now reflects the physical world—with multiple benefits including simplified marketplace and catalogue listings, reduced time to market, increased consumer transparency and reduced counterfeiting. 


Steps to get started 


Identify your products

Ensure that all your products are uniquely identified with a GS1 GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). The GS1 GTIN is also known as the barcode number. 

If you are a member of GS1 Australia, you will already have GTINs (barcodes) allocated to your products. If you are not a member, please join here.



Prepare product attributes

Prepare the product attributes for upload to the GS1 Registry Platform. These attributes have been identified by industry as the minimum needed to reliably identify a unique product, and are listed below.

If you are a member of GS1 and have uploaded data to the Manage My Product service, attributes for your products will already be in the GS1 Registry Platform.

Product attributes:

  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) 

  • Brand name 

  • Description 

  • Product image URL 

  • Global product category 

  • Net content and unit of measure 

  • Country of sale




Upload product data to the GS1 Registry Platform​

Members who joined GS1 Australia on or after 10 October 2020 can upload their products using GS1’s Manage My Product service, accessed via the MyGS1 member portal.

Please note: The Verified by GS1 service is being introduced to Australian members using a phased approach to ensure the most value for members. Members who joined GS1 Australia on or after 10 October 2020 are the first group that can take advantage of the new service.

More information

Our customer support team are available to answer your questions or for more information visit Verified by GS1 FAQs