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  • At GS1 Australia Consult, we can help your business improve your efficiency, profitability, safety and security by implementing the GS1 system. 

    We can also help you meet your customer and regulatory requirements in terms of the way you use barcodes and data in all levels of your supply chain.

    We have decades of experience and know how to effectively implement GS1 compliant solutions that deliver a real difference to your business.

    We believe in establishing long-term relationship with our clients and partners. As well as solving problems and developing solutions, we also provide assistance with implementation, and provide ongoing review services. 

    We can help you:

    • Implement some or all components of the GS1 system
    • Increase your transaction accuracy and efficiency
    • Improve your inventory visibility and reliability
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Get control of your product data
    • Implement electronic trading with your trading partners  

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    Improve your supply chain and business performance.

  • Our key services include

    Data management

    The way in which you manage your data is crucial in enabling a smooth and effective supply chain, and optimising your relationships with trading partners.  
    Our consulting team can help ensure you are making the most of your data both internally and with your trading partners. 

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    EDI implementation

    Trading electronically requires having strict processes, controls and systems in place. We offer a range of consulting services to help you streamline and optimise your eCommerce activity at all levels of your supply chain. 

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    Effective barcoding

    At GS1 Australia, we provide the unique numbers your business needs to identify products, locations, documents and more - right across your supply chain, and right across the world. Our expert consulting team can help you understand GS1 numbering and barcodes, and utilise them in the most effective way across your supply chain.

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    Project management

    Our expert consulting team can also help you manage specific projects  - large and small - to do with the GS1 system or your supply chain. This includes providing project management services and helping you with tenders or technical documents.  

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    Supply chain consulting

    Ensuring you have an efficient and effective supply chain is crucial. Our consultants can help evaluate your current processes, recommend improvements and help you implement best practice solutions. 

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    Traceability implementation

    When it comes to monitoring and controlling your supply chain, traceability is essential. GS1 Australia can work closely with you to help improve traceability throughout your supply chain. 

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    Other services

    Pallet Labelling Service

    We help you improve the quality of your pallet labels and processes to meet your customer requirements.

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