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From music and entertainment to office supplies and sports and leisure equipment, Australia has a thriving and diverse retail sector.


Today's connected customer has high expectations when it comes to general merchandise. They expect a seamless experience, regardless of when or where they buy. This means retailers and online marketplaces are under increasing pressure to adopt emerging technologies, and to facilitate smooth transactions with suppliers and trading partners. 

GS1 standards enable businesses to increase efficiency and significantly improve traceability in their supply chains.

We are committed to using the GS1 system to help retailers achieve more streamlined and effective supply chains, and to facilitating open standards for eCommerce.

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A group of likeminded retailers, suppliers, solution providers and Associations collaborating to ensure that Australian retail remains competitive on a global scale. Working together to improve visibility and inventory accuracy in the Australian retail marketplace.

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These newsletters highlight some of the initiatives in the local and global Online Marketplace community and where GS1 standards have been implemented:

These newsletters highlight some of the initiatives in the local and global Retail community where GS1 standards have been implemented as part of improving supply chains for food and beverage and omni-channel retailing:

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The RFID Coalition video

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GS1 standards in action

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