Selling online

If you are selling your products online and the marketplace is asking you to provide barcodes (in GS1 language, GTINs), you can get these through GS1 Australia. These barcodes allow your products to be recognised and used all over the world, removing the need to use marketplace specific numbering systems. 


What is a GTIN?

A GTIN is a Global Trade Item Number. It’s a unique number that is assigned to a particular product. For example, if you sell new board games on eBay, each type of board game will need a GTIN.

Why use a GTIN?

Online retailers are now encouraging all brand owners to use the GS1 system, which is the global language for product identification. The GS1 system is behind all the barcodes you see on products today – and the numbers that make up those barcodes. It’s a language that has been used for over 40 years to identify products at Point-of-Sale and throughout the supply chain.

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Do you need GTINs?

If you’re on-selling other products, they may already have GTINs. Look on the product packaging – if there’s a GS1 barcode, then you can use the number on the barcode to identify your product online.

If you can’t find a barcode, and you’re selling new products online, then you’ll need to apply for barcode numbers.

Remember, every variation of your product (for example, different colours, sizes or packaging configurations) will need a unique GTIN.

How do you get GTINs?

To get GTINs for your products, you need to join GS1 Australia. Joining is easy – you’ll have your numbers in no time.