National Product Catalogue in Healthcare

Enabling data standards

The National Product Catalogue was implemented in healthcare to support the industry need for standardised, supplier managed data across the whole of the healthcare value chain to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Based on the principles of 'data synchronisation', the National Product Catalogue in Healthcare enables the sharing and updating of quality standard data that is required to link physical products to clinical practice as well as supporting quality processes, data capture and analytics within health. 

For more on the whole of industry approach visit Australian Digital Health Agency.

Our work in National Product Catalogue in Healthcare

The need for accurate, up-to-date, consistent and complete data for all products is now a recognised imperative within Healthcare. Quality data from the validated, expert source - the manufacturer or their distribution agent - is the key to ensuring accuracy. Automating the sharing of quality data via a single source to all systems, ensures that there is interoperability as they are speaking the same language whilst also removing the duplicated effort and data errors across the value chain.



Data Quality Project

Improving the quality of healthcare data on the National Product Catalogue.

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Scorecard tool

A self-assessment scorecard to improve your data quality.

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Use cases

Summary of use cases for standardised product data.

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UNSPSC Version 19 adopted across Australian Healthcare