Australian Healthcare Data Recipients

Australian Healthcare has been utilising the National Product Catalogue (NPC) to assist in the sharing of product master data since its inception as part of the Supply Chain Reform program led by the then National eHealth Transition Authority (NeHTA).  Data contained in the NPC is sourced from and maintained by the supplier/sponsor of the product with the primary purpose to reduce burden of the sourcing, recreating, reformatting and resharing the product information that is necessary to underpin safe and efficient healthcare supply chains.

The whole of sector data requirements are defined and agreed to by Australian healthcare sector representatives to meet the needs of the whole sector for product data. Though not all recipients use all of the data attributes all of the time, the dataset aims to cater to the complete set of requirements for all. The data requirements can be accessed on our website.

Each data recipient (normally buyers like state health services, hospital groups or distributors) then manage their own programs to engage with their suppliers, with assistance from GS1 as needed. Below is a listing of the current Australian Healthcare Data Recipients, we encourage you to contact them directly if you have questions around their specific requirements. This list will be updated as new recipients join/rejoin the NPC user community.   

Data Recipients

ACT Health

NPC GLN: 9377779113165

Australian Digital Health Agency

NPC GLN: 9377779153666

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

NPC GLN: 9377778011837

Brightsky Australia
NPC GLN: 9345060000005

Clifford Hallam Healthcare/CH2
NPC GLN: 9377779193488

Epworth Foundation
NPC GLN: 9377779593165

NPC GLN: 9377779234297

HealthShare NSW
NPC GLN: 9377778602936

HealthShare Victoria (formerly HPV)
NPC GLN: 9377779142295

Modular Medical/Territory Surgical
NPC GLN: 9347094000006

Northern Territory Health
NPC GLN: 9377779114001

Ramsay Health Care
NPC GLN: 9377779201619

Queensland Health
NPC GLN: 9377779113127

Sigma Healthcare
NPC GLN: 9377778008264

South Australia Health
NPC GLN: 9377779113141

St John of God Health Care 
NPC GLN: 9377779585467

Symbion Pharmacy
NPC GLN: 9377779199008

UnitingCare Health
NPC GLN: 9377779498767

WA Health/Health Support Services
NPC GLN: 9377779113103

Western Biomedical
NPC GLN: 9377779209776

Healthcare Item Data Lake #
NPC GLN 9312345550425

(Refer section below – Enabling dynamic data access)

Pharmacy 4 Less *
NPC GLN: 9377779537428

Chemist Warehouse *
NPC GLN: 9377779369906


# Enabling dynamic data access

In response to sector needs, an additional mechanism has been developed to enable more data sharing within the NPC. The goal is to ensure that suppliers product data can be more easily accessed by more of their trading partners. This capability which has been called the ‘Healthcare Item Data Lake’ sits within the NPC and data is requested that all suppliers publish their data to it to ensure that maximum value for the sector. More information is available here

Please note:

  • * Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacy 4 Less have their own specific data requirements separate to the AU Healthcare NPC dataset.

  • Where the Recipient Name is highlighted additional information is available on a linked page, to access please click on the highlighted text.

  • Where applicable, further GLN details for pricing, EDI and ship to locations are available via the National Location Registry.

Important note:
In cases where data is provided to centralised teams at group or state level, the data is being shared/is available to individual hospitals, area health services and local health districts, in addition to cataloguing teams and whole of organisation technology platforms. This sharing or data downstream, across organisations is one of the most important value adds of the NPC so where you are being asked for data at a local level please encourage them to connect to their centralised teams to have access to the data they seek.