Australian Healthcare Data Recipient: HealthShare Victoria

Contact: HealthShare Vic
Data requested via NPC for the following:

  • Healthcare products sold to the HSV Distribution Centre

  • Healthcare products sold to all Victorian Health Services (medical consumables, devices and pharmaceuticals)

  • Applies to contracted and non-contracted items 


  • Contract price and contract reference requested where products are on contract

  • List price requested for non-contracted items

  • Where volume discounts or pallet pricing apply, these should also be provided

  • If the contract term has ended and the item is still available, a List Price should be published.

  • Where specific pricing is applied to certain health services, the contract price should be published to the specific SHIP_TO GLN for that health service. 

  • Please ensure that the pricing is provided at the correct level of the product hierarchy – the ordered and invoiced level. This should correlate to the level and GTIN of the product as per agreement or tender submission

Location information:

  • All Victorian pricing locations are available from National Location Registry – Search under HealthShare Victoria

  • Items should be published to the Whole of State GLN. This is 9377779142295

  • The Whole of State Price SHIP_TO GLN is 9339626009991

Some points to note:

  • Details of changes to product GTIN should be communicated to the appropriate Category Manager at HSV, and data for the new products should also be loaded into the NPC ensuring that the replacement is correctly flagged within the data.

  • Care should be taken to ensure that data quality is of the highest standard to ensure that this data can be used to support supply chains in the Victorian health sector. Inaccurate or incomplete data creates issues within the health system which lead to waste, issues with orders and payment delays to suppliers.

  • Any products that are no longer available for sale should be end dated within the NPC and if contracted, HSV informed, to ensure that health services do not attempt to order these products.

  • Data published to HSV for the National Product Catalogue is made available to all Victoria Health Services. They will access the data via the Victorian Product Catalogue System which combines the NPC data with HSV contract information provided during the tendering process. This data is also being integrated into systems across the state wherever possible. The people using the data may not realise it has come from the NPC.    

Further details of requirements are available here