National Product Catalogue in Healthcare

Improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery by enabling data standards

NPC in Healthcare

The National Product Catalogue was implemented in healthcare to support the industry need for standardised, supplier managed data across the whole of the healthcare value chain to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Based on the principles of 'data synchronisation', the National Product Catalogue in Healthcare enables the sharing and updating of quality standard data that is required to link physical products to clinical practice as well as supporting quality processes, data capture and analytics within health. 

Learn about the value of standardised product data for Australian Healthcare.

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05 Dec
Selling Your Product with a Barcode

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05 Dec
What is GS1 Recall Health?

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06 Dec
How to Use NLR

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Data Management for National Product Catalogue

Data Management for National Product Catalogue

Need help with your catalogue build, data loading or data quality?

ADHA Webinar – Linking GTIN and AMT

Explaining the linkage between the physical product (GTIN) and the clinical concept (AMT)

HPV and Product Data Synchronisation in Healthcare

Video • 1:32min

Data Quality Project

Data Quality Project

Improving the quality of healthcare data on the National Product Catalogue.