Traceability Solution Providers Special Interest Group

The Traceability Solution Providers Special Interest Group is open to all industries and solution providers interested in supporting enhanced product traceability for Australian industry and governments. 

Traceability requirements are continually evolving. No single solution is likely to meet all industry needs, now or into the future. The interest group aims to support an emerging ecosystem of capabilities and provide a voice and place for engagement with other solution providers, GS1 members, industry and governments. 

Below you will find an executive summary explaining the group’s purpose, success criteria and governance. You are welcome to play an active or passive role in the group with the intention of networking, sharing insights and hearing from industry and government representatives to discuss projects, issues, trends and, where possible, align needs. 

There is no cost to participate in this group other than the contribution of your time. 

Executive summary 

Australia is well-positioned to lead and leverage the next wave of transformation and innovation in global and domestic trade. This transformation is providing enormous opportunity for industry and regulatory modernisation with a goal of improved productivity, competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness. Solution providers working with open and interoperable global data standards play a critical role in this process. 

The Special Interest Group aims to connect and share perspectives on solution requirements based on industry needs and trends. GS1 Australia will support the group by providing industry insight, engaging with its membership, discussing and developing project opportunities that align solution providers with industry needs. 

Open to all traceability solution providers 

No specific sector or industry segment is a primary focus. Instead, a holistic and whole-of-economy approach will be taken, recognising that product flows between, as well as through, domestic and international supply chains. There is no expectation of prior knowledge of GS1 standards, that solutions are market-ready or that participants are involved in GS1 alliance partner programs. 

More information  

If you have a question about the Traceability Solution Providers Special Interest Group, please email the Traceability team. For more information about GS1 Traceability, please visit the Traceability home page.

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Traceability Solution Validation Program 

Organisations and GS1 members are calling on traceability solution providers for support and expertise to drive faster and better implementations.  

The Traceability Solution Validation Program enables solution providers to assure current and potential users that their solution is GS1 standards-based. 


Start the validation process 

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