Traceability Solution Claims Validation Program

Available to solution providers in Australia who provide standards-based traceability systems. The validation program assists GS1 members, as well as industry and government, when making decisions on implementing a traceability solution. The program is a two-stage process, commencing with a voluntary, no-cost self assessment.

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"Origins trace is honoured to be the first Australian based industry-standard track and trace platform to receive the GS1 Traceability Solutions Claims Validation approval. As a GS1 solution provider, the self-assessment is strategically important and substantiates the focus on evidencing traceability capabilities and functionality that Origins trace can validate and comply with across all industries. With the industry's growing demand for greater transparency and its role in assuring product quality, safety and authenticity, it's important that evidence-based outcomes are adhered to and vital for visibility and consumer trust."

Sam White, Origins Trace​

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"Trust Codes Limited has always been committed to GS1 standards and since day one we have baked GS1 identifiers into our item level digital identity, brand protection and transparency cloud platform. We have been at the forefront of many GS1 initiatives, including GS1 Digital Link. Working with GS1 Australia to validate our solution claims not only underpins our credibility with customers and stakeholders, it also gave us insight into future developments that will add even more value to our customers. GS1 Claims Validation is a must do for solution providers in our view, and we encourage the industry to get on board."

Paul Ryan - CEO, Trust Codes Limited