What are the benefits of joining GS1 Australia?

Being a GS1 Australia member means you are joining a global community that provides support and education on the use of unique identification keys on your products, locations and assets.

What you get:

  1. Assurance that you are licensing unique barcode numbers from the only authorised organisation in Australia.

  2. Complimentary introductory Barcode Basics training session.

  3. Access to online and phone support (1300 227 263) provided from Australia.

  4. Access to the MyGS1 portal where you can manage and assign your numbers to products, view your letters, and pay your invoices.

  5. Access to online and face-to-face training and events.

  6. Regular newsletters with informative, industry-based content.

  7. Invitations to industry-based work groups and events.

  8. Access to implementation tools and resources.

  9. Access to a wide range of additional services to improve the way you do business.

  10. Access to supply chain and standards implementation experts.

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