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Branded Food Database

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has partnered with GS1 Australia to support the development and implementation of the FSANZ Branded Food Database - a central source of food product information for food and beverages sold in Australia.

The Branded Food Database is designed to support a range of activities undertaken by FSANZ, such as supporting evidence-based policy development, FSANZ standards development processes, dietary modelling, and food labelling amongst others. FSANZ will also leverage the Database to monitor progress with regards to the update of Health Star Rating and product reformulation programs nationally.  The database will also benefits consumers, industry, and health professionals by providing a ‘single source of truth’ with accurate and validated food and beverage product information. It also supports public health initiatives such as the Health Star Rating system and the Healthy Food Partnership.

Our goal is to populate the Branded Food Database with food and beverage product data covering at least 85% of products sold by national retailers.

GS1 Australia’s role in supporting FSANZ is to engage with suppliers, manufacturers, and brand owners to collect and validate product data and provide this to FSANZ via the National Product Catalogue, or via custom-developed online portal to enter data on the Branded Food Database.

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National Product Catalogue

The NPC has been supporting the food and beverage sector in Australia for close to 20 years.  Suppliers, manufacturers, and brand owners load their product information onto the NPC and can publish their product data to a range of data recipients including Australia’s major national retailers.  Given there are many hundreds of food and beverage companies using the NPC daily, it makes sense to leverage this industry capability to collect food and beverage product information for the FSANZ Branded Food Database.  GS1 Australia will engage with all food and beverage companies using the NPC today to assist them in updating their product information and making their data available to FSANZ.

A custom-built online portal allows food and beverage companies that don’t have a need to use the NPC today to also share their data.  This portal is free of change and publishes data only to FSANZ.  GS1 Australia provides support and assistance to suppliers that choose this tool