Traceability Solution Provider - Special Interest Group

Support product traceability for Australian industry and governments

Join the group to network, share insights and hear from industry and government representatives. Discuss projects, issues, trends and where possible, align needs. 

Be prepared for the next wave of transformation and innovation in global and domestic trade. This will provide enormous opportunity for industry and regulatory modernisation, for improved productivity, competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

A holistic and whole-of-economy approach is taken, recognising that product flows between, as well as through, domestic and international supply chains. There is no expectation of prior knowledge of GS1 standards, that solutions are market-ready or that participants are involved in the GS1 Alliance Partner program.

GS1 Traceability

Enabling solution providers to assure current and potential users that their traceability solution is GS1 standards-based.

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Vision statement

A thriving ecosystem, developing and delivering world leading traceability capability based on global data standards.

This group aims to support an emerging ecosystem of capabilities and provide a voice and place for engagement with other solution providers, GS1 members, industry and governments.

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