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The 2D in Retail Advisory Group has been diligently working on creating awareness for the 2027 ambition date, when all retailer systems will aim to scan 2D barcodes at point-of-sale (POS). As more pilots and implementations emerge, a need to build capability arose in terms of technical know-how and clarity regarding the standards for 2D barcodes. Highly technical conversations may require a separate audience, including ‘implementors’ required to know intricate details regarding 2D barcodes, including size specifications, placement, quality requirements, various printing technologies, scanner requirements, verification etc. GS1 Australia, in consultation with the co-chairs of the 2D in Retail Advisory group, have agreed to create a technical sub-group that will focus on all things technical and standards related requirements in relation to implementing 2D barcodes.

Why a 2D Technical Group?

Realising the benefits of 2D barcodes at scale is no small feat. Standards are evolving in this area and hardware, software, systems and entire ecosystems will need to further adapt and scale.

Under the umbrella of the 2D in Retail Advisory Group, a new 2D Technical Group has been created, bringing together experts who can collaborate to increase technical knowledge, discuss challenges and build a clear understanding of GS1 standards across communities. The group provides a forum for participants to discuss technical challenges and opportunities when adopting 2D barcode technologies. The 2D in Retail Advisory Group will continue to focus on creating awareness, while the 2D Technical Group will focus on building capability and supporting implementation of 2D barcodes.

Participant Benefits

The 2D Technical Group provides an opportunity for anyone who is involved in the implementation of 2D barcodes to network and collaborate with other technical and standards experts. Participants will also have the advantage of tapping into global knowledge and experience.

  • Gain valuable knowledge relating to the hardware/software/systems updates required for 2D barcodes 

  • Understand the tools available to support integration of GS1 syntaxes and data carriers into solutions 

  • Stay informed of updates to GS1 standards that impact your business and your customers  

  • Leverage GS1 standards to meet your needs and innovate as an early adopter

Group Objectives

The following objectives have been agreed for the 2D Technical Group 

  • To provide subject matter expertise with respect to any technical developments and proposed changes to GS1 standards where necessary 

  • To provide a working forum that can effectively discuss and exchange information around 2D barcodes/printing/scanning/backend systems 

  • Ensure a clear understanding of GS1 standards and provide guidance across communities 

  • Connect with the GS1 Global Solution Provider Working Group 

  • Share challenges and technical learnings based on pilots, implementations and best practices to simplify and streamline the use of GS1 standards.

Who should join the 2D Technical Group?

The group is open to all interested parties who are involved in the implementation of 2D barcodes. This can include, but not limited to; 

  • Solution providers 

  • IT developers/engineers 

  • Production line managers 

  • Facility managers 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Packaging companies 

  • Project managers/sponsors 

  • Printing companies  

  • Master data managers 

How will the group operate?

The 2D Technical Group will operate under the domain of the 2D in Retail Advisory Group. Meetings will be held online via Zoom in most instances, with the possibility of face-to-face meetings for those who can attend.

Next Steps  

You are invited to join the 2D Technical Group where your expertise and insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of 2D barcode implementation in Australia. 

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