Price Value Type

Attribute Name: priceValueType
Data Type: String
Max Length: 80
Repeatable: No
Code List:
Applies to: All Levels
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Classification of the price component that determines how to apply the amount. 

Valid values are

- PERCENT – A part of a whole expressed in hundredths.

- VALUE – A numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement.


ABC Supplies Raw Sugar has a list price of $10 for an outer carton.

Price Value =                10

Price Value Type =        VALUE


ABC Supplies gives XYZ Supermarkets a 5% Warehouse Allowance for their Raw Sugar product.

Price Value =                5

Price Value Type =        PERCENT

Useful Tips:

Woolworths AU/NZ

  • For non-Allowance and Charge prices, price value type must be VALUE.

  • For Allowance and Charge prices, price value type can be VALUE or PERCENTAGE