Nutrient Quantity / UOM

Attribute Name: quantityContained + measurementUntitCode
Data Type: Decimal
Max Length: 15
Repeatable: Yes
Code List:
Applies to: Base Unit
NPC Xpress Attribute: Per Serving column or Per 100 column
Last Modified: 05/02/2024

Measurement value indicating the amount of nutrient contained in the product.


Nutrient Type = Energy

Nutrient Quantity = 28

Nutrient Quantity UOM = KJO

Measurement Precision Code = LESS_THAN

Sample entry for Avg Qty Per 100g (threshold value) '< 40' kJ

IMPORTANT: The ‘Nutrient Quantity’ value entered must always be the actual value and not the ‘threshold value’

Useful Tips:
  • The current Food Standard Code states that under some circumstance a threshold value for ‘Avg Qty Per 100ml’ & ‘Avg Qty Per Serve’ can be declared rather than the actual value.

    • For example Energy (kj) may be displayed on the Nutritional Information Panel (NIP) as ‘< 40 kJ’ when the actual value is any value less than 40 kJ. The ‘< 40 kJ’ entry for nutrient type Energy is refered to as the ‘threshold value’

    • Calculations are made by your data recipient(s) using the ‘Nutrient Quantity’ value entered into the National Product Catalogue. Entering the ‘threshold value’ instead of the actual value will result in invalid data and invalid calculations (‘Avg Qty Per Serve’ is a calculated field based on the ‘Nutrient Quantity’ value).

  • Repeatable as a group.

  • Attributes Preparation State Code, Measurement Precision Code & Nutrient Type Code are system mandatory when attribute Nutrient Quantity is populated.

  • Nutrient Quantity / UOM’  can be repeated as a ‘group’ with attributes ‘Nutrient Type Code’, ‘Daily Value Intake Percent’ (optionally) and ‘Measurement Precision Code