Identification FAQs

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Once you've joined GS1 Australia, you can start assigning numbers (or GS1 Identification Keys) to your products, cartons, pallets, locations and more. There are different GS1 ID Keys to suit different uses. Depending on your membership type, you may have paid for just one GTIN or thousands of different numbers.

The most commonly used GS1 ID Keys are the GTIN, SSCC and GLN. View the following how-to guides:

Also useful is FAQ: How do I create a barcode number for inner and outer cartons?

Instructions for other GS1 ID Keys can be found in our library.

If you're new to GS1 Australia, it's a great idea to attend our one-day training seminar on the GS1 system. You'll learn about the different types of numbers and how they are created.

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Inner and outer cartons are simply trade items. The GS1 system allows some choice in which type of barcode number (GTIN) you assign to these trade items, and what barcode to choose.

To work out which number is correct, you need to ask yourself if the carton (inner or outer) will be sold at point-of-sale.

  • If yes, you must assign a GTIN-13 or a GTIN-12 (in some cases, if selling in North America).

  • If no, you can either assign a GTIN-13 or a GTIN-14.

Then, use the appropriate guide to learn how to assign the number you need:

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If you haven't used up your assigned batch of GS1 numbers, then you simply follow the process of assigning new numbers for your new products.

Refer to:

If you need more numbers, refer to:

If you need help at any time, you can contact the GS1 Customer Support team or phone 1300 BARCODE.

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A Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is used to identify an individual logistics unit (typically, a pallet) that is transported or stored in your supply chain.

It is encoded in a GS1-128 barcode and is represented by the Application Identifier AI (00).

If you have taken out a full membership with GS1 Australia, you can assign an SSCC from your existing batch of numbers.

If you need more numbers, refer to the licence fee schedule for additional numbers.

Read this guide to learn how to assign an SSCC.

If you want unique, accurate, standards-based barcode numbers, then GS1 is the only organisation in the world that can supply you with legitimate numbers. Locally, GS1 Australia is the only authorised source for GS1 barcode numbers

Barcode number re-sellers do exist. These businesses have bought barcode numbers off other companies and try to on-sell them. Unfortunately, they threaten the integrity of the global GS1 system and create confusion in the global supply chain.

We strongly advise that you get your barcode numbers from GS1 Australia. This will ensure that your numbers will be recognisable by all other parties in your supply chain.